Friday, August 14, 2009

More butterflies, a dragon and a beetle


Painted Lady butterfly

Tiger Swallowtail (dark)

Tiger Swallowtail (dark)


A few more butterflies from my yard. I also got a shot of the dragonfly that has been hanging around. Then I found this really HUGE beetle in the garage. I put it out in the yard to get some better light on it and it didn't like being in the sun. I got a couple shots of it before it disappeared in the grass. I'd hate to step on that thing! I hate crunchy bugs.!!!


Needsnow said...

Where is the beetle? How much extension tube are you using on your 85mm? Like the caterpillar!

catsmeow said...

OOOPs! forgot the beetle. I'll post it later. I've been using the 36mm on the 200 lens.