Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Relay poker run 2009

Here are a few shots from the Annual poker run raising money for the American Cancer Society. Not many pictures this year....they are all starting to look the same which bores me. I need someting to spike the interest, to photograph things I haven't seen before. I think I am getting to a place where I need a challange, maybe go to school and learn the business of photography and be able to market my photos. I love the art of photography not so much the random snapshots anymore. So, there probably won't be many more from me at bike rallys and car shows. I need to move beyond that for now and see what I can do from a more creative side. If I fail, I will have least tried and hopefully learned a few things along the way.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It could hear the clicking of my camera and kept twisting it's head every which way to try and find it.

Finally got a few decent shots of the Bluejay that has been coming to get some peanuts. These are very funny birds to watch. I like how they toss the peanuts into their beak. I think this may be a young one and it wasn't as flighty as some of the others. I'm fresh out of peanuts now, I'll have to re-stock.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Now this is how you eat cake...

Ellie's first birthday. She wasted no time with the cake!

Final Days--Bluebird watch day #15 and #16

Day #15..still in the nest. A little more movement when I approach the nest box. I think they are about to fledge soon.

There really are two. Finally got them both in one shot.

Look at those beautiful blue feathers.

Day #16..They've gone. I was so sad when I walked up to the nest box and seen they had left. I was really hoping to see them leave the nest. Maybe next time.

Sorry for getting these posted up so late. I've been really busy that last week and quite frankly a little depressed that the blue birds have flown the coop. I didn't even get to see them leave the nest box. "Empty Nest" syndrome I guess. ;0). I've read that the adults will take them to wherever they have been finding food and may return a couple weeks after fledging to the nest box. If this is the first brood of the season, the female will possibly make another nest in the same box or, she may have made one elsewhere before the first brood fledged. Supposedly the first brood will then help raise the second brood. I hope they come back, I have a nest box and meal worms ready and waiting for them.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here comes spidey

I watched this little spider make her web. Very interesting how they do that and fast too. I was practicing with the tubes again. These didn't turn out that great. 200mm with 36mm extension tube.

Monarch Butterfly

Finally, a butterfly to my garden. I was beginning to wonder if they were going to show up this year. I took these using my 200mm with the 36mm extension tube. I think they turned out pretty good.

Bluebird watch day #14

Day 14...Still not coming out of the box but I expect they will within a few days. One was really sunk down in the nest. I hope it is still alive. I have also only seen one of the adults, hope the other one is still around somewhere. I will check again in the morning.

This shot was taken with the 200mm and 36mm extension tube.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bluebird watch days 11, 12 and 13

Day 11---looking back at me. They have their eyes open.

Day 12--not much happening today, sleeping.

Day 13--still there, not much movement. Probably trying to stay cool. Notice the blue feathers.

Still not much happening with the baby bluebirds although they are getting bigger, have their eyes open and have feathers now. I don't think it will be too much longer before they start to fenture our of the box. I just hope I'm there to witness it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bluebird watch day #10

A lot more movement today. I'm guessing by this weekend they should be starting to poke their heads out and maybe even trying to leave the nest box. I hope I'm there when they do.

Did you know.....

...that right here in southeast Nebraska is the World's Largest Porch Swing?? It sits in the park in Hebron Nebraska. I was surfing and ran across a website that mentioned it so Larry and I rode over there Sunday to check it out.

Western Kingbird and Brown Headed Cowbird

Larry and I went on a little bike ride Sunday morning while it was cool and spotted a pair of Western Kingbirds nesting and some Brown Headed Cowbirds. Also some Kildeer and some sort of hawk.

An interesting thing about the Brownheaded Cowbird....according to my bird field guide, these birds lay their eggs in another birds' nest. Those birds then incubate and rear them as their own.


All sorts of fledglings are being shown were the feeders are. I had Oriole and Dove fledges this past weekend. I've seen the house sparrows too, I try to discourage having those around. They are a very aggresive bird and will kill take over other birds' nests, even building theirs on top of the other nests.

The Oriole baby liked sitting in the tomato plants. I felt sorry for the little dove baby, when I got closer to them, the mama and other adults left it there in the street all by itself. I could have pet the darn thing I was so close to it. It eventually waddled off into the grass.

Bluebird watch day #9

Day #9--today was a fantastic day for watching the bluebirds. Mr and Mrs B actually feed the babies while I was standing there. Yeah!! It is very interesting to watch their habits. They fly off to find insects then come back and sit on the wires until they feel it is safe to go to the nest box. They take turns feeding the babies. The babies even have their eyes open now.