Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sandhill Cranes and others

King Fisher

Blue Winged Teal

Took my mother out to see the Cranes. There are still around 400,000 in the staging area along the platte river. They are starting to leave and continue on with their migration. WOW! what a sight to see all those birds.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

??!!?? funniest looking pair of eagles I've ever seen!

Okay, so we were out road trippin yesterday. We decided to go check out the eagle nest not far from where we live. At first we didn't think it was occupied, we started to drive off, then noticed a head pop up. This is the funniest damn thing i've seen in a long time. I do hope they were just resting their tired wings. If they hatch eggs in there, how on earth are the gooslings going to get to the ground!!! I could be wrong, but I don't believe they know how to fly right away.

Pelican's at Wagontrain Lake

What's wrong with it's beak you ask? Bills and legs of breeding adults turn deep orange. Breeding adults usually also grow a flat fibrous plate in the middle of the upper mandible. This plate falls off after eggs have hatched. A chick feeding adult will have a grey-black crown. They fly in a large V often gliding with long wings, then all flapping together.

Rock Doves, also know as the common pigeon.

These are snow geese. The two with the white heads are know as Blue Morphs, the one in the center appears to be a juvenile. The more common is the White Morph which is all white with black wing tips. Females do not breed until they are 2-3 years old.

Went to Wagon Train and Stagecoach Lakes today with Kris. What a great day, nice to see the sunshine and the Pelicans.

Fish Fight

These Ring-billed Gulls were fighting of one little fish. The one in the middle had it orginally until the other two tried to take it away. Needless to say, the little fishy went flying and I don't think any of them got it.

Road Trippin in the Rain

What do you do on a miserable rainy day??? Go road trippin. We had to pick up a cabinet in Valparasio and these are some of the wildlife that we saw along the way.

Ring-billed Gull.

Coots on the run.

Red-Winged Blackbird in the rain.

Ringnecked Duck. Male and female. Just passing through on migration.

Gobble, gobble. The males were chasing the females. I was hoping to see one with the tail feathers all spread, but the took off for the trees.

Monday, March 22, 2010


First time seeing this type of duck. I couldn't find them in my Nebraska bird book, so I'm guessing they are passing through. Interesting to watch. The submerge themselves under the water to feed, then pop back up. Hard to get close to them. I had to hide behind some bushes, but once they noticed me off they went.

Waxwings are back

Took Frank (my step-father) over to Stagecoach lake yesterday afternoon. We saw a ton of Waxwings. I love the color of these birds. Once they got used to me, they sat still long enough to get a few pictures.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

First Trip of the year to Crystal Springs

Kris and Deb came down and we made our first trip of the year to Crystal Springs. The Barber's were very kind in letting us onto their property and walk out onto the dam. We saw a pair of Swan's, two adult Bald Eagles, lots of Canadian Geese and even a couple muskrat. A great day!

Resident Red Tail Hawk

I see a couple of Red Tailed Hawks at work almost every day. I happed to get a shot of this one when I was leaving the parking lot. I was suprised to see it so close to the parking lot, and acutally stay in the tree long enough for me to get my camera out of my trunk and get a few decent shots.

Just out for a walk

Just out for a walk with mom, Frank and Sassy a couple weeks ago. It was a little chilly but at least not raining or snowing. A bit breezy, can you tell be Sassy's ears! Didn't see much but a bunch of geese and a couple of bluebirds.