Sunday, March 15, 2009

Eagles again

Our State bird--Western Meadowlark

Ringnecked Ducks--not native to Nebraska, just migrating through.

Two adult eagles. One atop each evergreen tree.

Went to check on a swan that had been spotted at the Zebra farm pond which is not far from the Llama farm. No luck with the swan but we did see a Bald Eagle. I was able to get a few good shots before it flew off. We drove around the section then spotted it sitting atop an evergreen tree. I took a couple pictures then notice there was another one sitting in the tree next to it.
Unfortunatley the sun was not cooperating at the time so the pictures have a grey look to them. I went back about an hour later when the sun finally came out but they had moved on.

Also saw some Ringnecked ducks and a Medowlark. I'm not sure why the ducks are called Ringnecked when they are identified by the white rings on their bill. They are also not native to Nebraska, only passing through.

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Needsnow said...

You're getting so good at finding the birds. You better just go ahead and get that 400mm lens and be done with it!