Monday, June 29, 2009

Shirley's Retirement Party

I was asked to take some photo's of Shirley's retirement party last Friday. I don't think I like doing "event" photography much. Especially when people are eating, it's hard to take random shots. Someone is always putting food into their mouths right as you push the shutter button.

Happy retirement Shirley.....a new adventure awaits! Have a great one!

Purple Martins

The neighbor up the alley has two purple martin houses, both have been taken over by those nasty house sparrows. He was just saying the other day how he hasn't seen the martins much this year. Well, they are still here and I think they are a little PO'd that someone else is in their house.

I was over there checking on the blue birds when I noticed these other two flying around. At first I thought they were barn swallows but when they landed on the wires I was excited to see that they were purple martins. They were making a big ruckus and flying around their house trying to chase the squatters away. They had no luck and eventually flew away.

I'm going to let my neighbor know that they are back in the area and that he should do what he can to get rid of those pesky house sparrows. We don't need any more of them around.
The female martin has the light colored belly.

Mr. and Mrs. B-Day #3

Day #3 of the bluebird watch. Mr. and Mrs. B were attempting to feed the babies but the lady with the camera was making them nervous. They would sit up on the wires and fly from one side of me to the other. A few times swooping down close to the nest box but never going in. A couple times Mr. B landed on top of the nest box but I wasn't fast enough to catch that.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Baby Eastern Bluebirds Day #2

Not really sure how many days old the baby bluebirds are but I'm going with Day #2. That is the number of days that I have been watching them since they hatched. I will be watching them on a daily basis and hopefully get some awesome pictures of them. Today I still only saw two hatched and 2 eggs still in the nest. I doubt that the other two will hatch but who knows. These two are starting to move around and have a little fuzz now. Mouths wide open, waiting for mom to bring some food. I hope they find the meal worms I put out for them.

Keep checking back for more updates. We can watch them grow together. ;0)
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tubes arrived today

My tubes arrived are a few sample shots with them. I think I will like this a lot better than the macro lens once I get the hang of it.

Eggs are hatching!!!

The blue bird eggs are hatching. Two of the four have hatched, and very recently too. They have no feathers yet. I don't know if the other two will hatch or not. Will keep you posted.

Homestead Days Parade

Here are a few pictures from the Homestead Days parade from last week. The clown in the black jacket is a friend of mine...a very fitting job for him. He's a super nice guy and funny too. I always told him he should do stand up comedy sometime.

Ellie comes to visit

Ellie came over for a visit the other day. Her hair always looks red in pictures but in real life more blonde. Wonder which will hold true????

Steele City bike show

Per are some pictures from the bike show. I didn't take many this year, maybe because it was practically all the same as previous years.

Monday, June 22, 2009

More planes

More planes from the Homestead Days fly in show at our local airport this past weekend. I know nothing about planes so have no clue what these are except the blue and yellow one is a stunt plane.
There was a group of pilots from the Experimental Aircraft Association that gave free rides to kids age 8-17 in their single prop planes. The program is all about getting kids interested in flying.