Sunday, November 30, 2008


Here is Sassy, my mom and Franks poodle.

My first portrait guinea pigs.

Mom and Frank called and wanted a picture taken. This is my first attempt at a "portrait" hope I didn't botch it too much. I don't think it turned out too bad. I can still see a little shadow but overall I thought it turned out nice.

We were in a very small room, we hung a blue piece of material behind them because the white wall was just too much. I use my 50mm with the 430 flash and my homemade diffuser.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Pictures of Ellie

Mommy and me

My aunt Missy. She's my favorite.

Ellie is 4 months now. Took a few pictures at Thanksgiving dinner. All the other grandkids were running around so didn't get any of them. Plenty of time for that.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cutting down trees

Can you tell I'm bored???? Here I am taking pictures of Larry cutting up tree limbs. I really need to get out of here!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My new digs

Here is my new home at CBA. Also a photo of our foyer window with the company logo and a picture of the exterior of the south and east sides.

Moving Day at CBA

By the look on his face, this must not be good.

Thanks Brian for getting my PC up and running.

Who made this mess!!

Linda, what are you doing down there??

Smile Suzanne.

Sue and Candice.

Lue one of the cheezers. ;0)

and Carla too.

Some of the movers. They did a great job.

Today was moving day, well actually all weekend is but I only had to be there today. I took my camera along and snapped a few photo's while we waited for our boxes to arrive. I got a few of my co-workers cheesing it up and the IT guys getting our computers hooked up. Even a few of the movers. They did an awesome job.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


In the fall I'm always trying to get a really awesome picture of a leaf falling from the trees. Well, I haven't gotten that really "awesome" shot yet but have a couple ok shots. They best way I've found to get them, is to sit outside on a really windy day and when the leaves start to fall, just start clicking that shutter button. You might get lucky and catch one. ;0)

The birds are back in town...

I've seen lots of birds at my feeders lately. I suppose they are gearing up for winter. This summer I had a red-breasted nuthatch visit, now there is a white-breasted nuthatch. They are fun to watch. They hop down the tree trunk instead of up looking for insects and insect eggs that the other birds have missed.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Scary creatures

I had some very scary visitors last night.

I am so sad that my grandsons have graduated from the cutesy costumes to the blood and gore kind of stuff. I miss the cutesy stage. There is still Ellie though. She is only 4 months so we still have a lot of time with cutesy.