Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just more birds

American Kestrel..Formerly called a Sparrow Hawk due to its small size.

American Kestrel in flight.

American Tree Sparrow..upper bill is dark, lower bill is yellow.
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Amanda and Adam, take two

Take two with Amanda and Adam, minus the kids. ;0) I think most of these turned out nice. I had a hard time not blowing out the whites. They liked them, so that's all that matters.

More from Squaw Creek

Adult baldy
Pied-Billed Grebe...Once called a Hell-diver because of the length of time it can stay submerged. Has a thick, chicken like bill with a black ring except during the winter when the bill is an unmarked brown.

Norther Shoveler--One of several species of shoveler, so called because of the peculiarly shaped bill. The Northern Shoveler is the only species of these ducks in North America.

Blue Heron standing on a Muskrat mound.
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My first attempt

Trying to get an 18 month old to pose for pictures....HA! We are going to try again at a later date. Grandma needs some time to re-coup. ;0)

Squaw Creek-Eagle with lunch

Finally, I was able to go to Squaw Creek wildlife refuge in Mound City, MO this past Friday. WoW! what a treat. We saw 18 eagles and they are expecting more to be coming through. I'll definitely be going back in the next week or so.

This juvenile was munching on it's lunch and didn't like all of us camera people watching while it ate it's lunch, so off it went. I'm pretty sure goose was on the menu.
They normally carry their prey in their talons. I had a shot of it grabbing the food from it's mouth with it's talons, but unfortunatley, that's the one that didn't turn out.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bad way to start the day!

My poor car! Not the best way to start off the day. Deer hunting on my way to work. Not good.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cedar Waxwing

Nice hairdo.

Notice the berry toss.

Looks like a crown on it's head.

Another berry toss.

More of the Cedar Waxwing birds I saw along the river trail. They are very quiet birds and love to eat berries. They like to toss them into their mouths. Fun birds to watch.

Just more birds

Cedar Waxwing

Some kind of Sparrow. Not sure which.

Dark Eyed Junco

Eastern Bluebird

Female Cardinal

Took a walk along the River Trail and saw several different kinds of birds. I've heard the eagles have been spotted there too. I didn't see any this day but will be checking often.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chekcing out the neighborhood

Get outta my house!

Intruders! House finch and House sparrow.

Looks like a nice place.

Noticed some Bluebirds checking out the nesting box we put up this year. I'm not sure if this is the pair that had the babies this year that I watched, or the babies themselves. I've notice more than 2, so it might be the whole family returning to the area. I've seen them down the alley where the babies were born too.

Notice that the predator birds are also checking out the box. I'm going to have to watch real close to keep these birds out of there so the bluebirds will nest.