Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Yellow Patch Skipper

Eastern Comma

I don't have an ID on this one yet. Still looking.

Black Swallowtail. Maybe the Eastern Black Swallowtail.

Silver Spotted Skipper

Eastern Tailed Blue


Tiger Swallowtail

Sulphur--not sure which one though. There are lots. I think it may be a Common Sulphur.

Okay...are you ready?? I've been wanting to post for the past week but have had trouble with the uploader on my blog. Finally, I've got it working again. So here are all the butterflies that I have had visiting my yard for the past couple of weeks. I have tons this year, now if the humming birds would just come back.


Needsnow said...

Nice selection! Maybe you could start charging admission to your very own butterfly pavillion.

catsmeow said...

;)--why don't you come on down and be my first customer.