Saturday, April 18, 2009


These just passed by my house not too long ago. Larry was running an errand and saw them heading down our street. He gave me a call and told me to grab my camera and hurry up and get out on the front porch. What would we do without cell phones!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Holmes Lake Walk

Went for a walk with Kris after work today at Holmes Lake. Man, am I out of shape. Got to see the Great Egret and the American Coots and a Meadowlark and Killdeer. What a beautiful afternoon it was!

Easter Dress

Ellie in her Easter dress. The boys were all busy playing and not much into getting their pictures taken so all I have is some of Ellie. Isn't she a cutie! Looks just like her grandma. ;0)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friday Outing

Here are a few more things that Cody and I saw on our outing this past Friday. Cody wanted to share some of the different things we saw with his classmates so I printed off some pictures and added descriptions for him to take back to school.

Turkey Vulture...these things are everywhere and I think they are creepy looking.

Great Blue Heron. Got lucky and saw this one just as we were leaving Crystal Springs in Fairbury.

Great Egret. I saw this mixed in with the pelicans but couldn't get a good shot. Found it again later standing alone and was able to get a few shots without scaring it off.

Red-winged Blackbird.

American Coot...also know as a Mud-Hen. Not a duck, as it doesn't have webbed feet, but instead has large lobed toes.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

American White Pelican's

I had Friday off and the kids were out of school so Cody came with me to find the Pelican's. I heard they were over in Fairbury at Crystal Springs and sure enough, they were there. Tons of them. They are reallly fun to watch. If you get a chance, get over there before they are gone. They don't stay in Nebraska, just migrating through.
The American White Pelican can stand 62" and has up to a 9-foot wingspan. Breeding adult has a bright orange bill and legs. An adult that is feeding chicks has a gray-black crown. Breeding adults usually also grow a fibrous plate in the middle of the upper mandible. This plated drops off after eggs have been hatched. They fly in a large V, often gliding with long wings, then all flapping together.

Flowers and the 10-22

Wow! do I love the look using the 10-22 on flowers.