Sunday, August 24, 2008

In my own backyard (so to speak)

I got a second chance at photographing a Great Blue Heron. We were on a poker run Sat. for a benefit for a friend. It started out in Fairbury and one of the stops was back in Beatrice. When we came over the west side bridge, to my total amazment I saw a Great Blue Heron just standing there in the water. WHAT!!! Here I have been looking all over the place when we are out and about for one and there one is, maybe less than a mile from my house.

Well, after we got the bike parked, one block away from the bridge, I told Larry to go on in and pick my card, that I would be down at the river trying to get a picture of that bird. My first trip down I was going to crawl down under the bridge and try to get as close as possible. Well, It was quite a step slide down the concrete slab and I didn't think I could get back up so I opted for shooting from atop the bridge. I took a few shots, then the battery ran out. I also did not have my teleconverter on the camera. Luckily I had all that back at the bike. So off I went to get another battery and the teleconverter.

Upon my second trip to the bridge I notice that the Heron had moved a little closer. I was really excited to see that. I hurried and got everthing set up on my camera and started to shoot. I got some ok shots but still not the greatest. I totally forgot I had my polarizer in my bag too so the shots were a little difficult because of the glare from the water. It was really fun to watch this bird fish. It did what looked like some dance moves then plunked it's whole head into the water and speared a fish. Unfortunatley right as it did that, I was trying to make adjustments to my settings. AHHHHH! In a flash he was in the air and off to the other side of the river.

I will be making more trips down there now that I know where this bird hangs out. Hopefully it will be there still. I also spotted another one not too far south of town on a farm pond while we were on our return trip home from the benefit ride. I will be checking that one out too.


Needsnow said...

YEAH!!!! Great story! I'm so glad you had your camera along! Beautiful bird.

Suvarna said...

Beautiful heron shots, you've done a great job of capturing him in flight. Not an easy thing to do! Your site is great keep up the good work!