Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Osprey on a dreary day

On our way to the Apple Jack Festival in Nebr. City, we took a turn down a country road that takes you to a really neat park.  On the way, "eagle eye" Larry yells out  "Hey! I think there's an eagle in that tree".  It's only just a little ways to the park so we keep driving.  I tell him, I doubt it was an eagle, it's too soon for them, I think.  We get to the park and it's really packed with people.  It's very small and I think someone was having a reunion of some kind.  So, back down the road we go.  There's that bird, still sitting in the tree.  We stop, I get my camera and get a few shots and discover that it's on Osprey, not an eagle.  I was hoping that it would do a little fishing in the pond below it, it's really neat to watch them fish.

I also finally saw and got a picture of a Brown Thrasher.  One more to check off my list.

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