Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crystal Springs-Fall 2010

Boy! there sure were a lot of varieties of birds there today.  The weather was kind of crappy, but all in all, it was a good day.  I did a little practicing with CS5 tonight on one of my pictures from today.  I experimented with the Content-Aware Fill feature.  I don't think I did too bad.

First you define the area you want to fill by using a selection tool.  I wanted to remove the branches in front of the Osprey.
Next, click on Edit in the tool bar
Click Fill.  The Fill dialog box opens.  Click to choose Content-Aware
Click Ok.  Photoshop fills the area with surrounding content.  Just clean it up with the Clone Stamp tool.

Here are the before and after pictures.


Needsnow said...

A+ Very good doing the before and after. Did you convert this to JPEG before or after you did the fix? Thanks so much for coming with us!

Krista said...

That is so cool! Great shot and it is a really smooth cover over the branches.