Saturday, April 19, 2008

Morning Dew

Wow!! Finally some sunshine today. I got up around 7 am and saw all the dew drops in the grass. I grabbed my new Gerber Daisy plant along with my camera of course, and headed for the back yard. I placed the daisies about 8-10 inches away from this clump of grass, laid down on the driveway, (neighbors think I'm crazed) and this is what I ended up with. Not as spectacular as some I've seen on POTN but not too bad for a first try.
These were shot with the 100mm macro.


Needsnow said...

Really, really nice colors!!!! Great job. Glad to see you out and about today. Wasn't the sunshine simply amazing?

Denise said...

You take great photographs. I too am a photographer (very amateur), who really doesn't know a lot about it, other than I love to take photos but am always looking to improve. Thanks for sharing and I shall enjoy checking back as time goes on.