Monday, May 3, 2010

Moving In

The male sits on the post like a guard. We saw him chase off other birds, a squirrel and one of my cats. After the cat incident, we moved the house a little farther away from the post.

The nest after two days of building.

Momma bird

Papa bird

The Bluebirds are moving in. Yea!!! I've been watching them for the past few days and they have a really good start on their nest. I've had to move there house already, it was a little close to the fence and one of my cats almost had Bluebird for dinner tonight. :-( They didn't seem to mind and once thing calmed down, they were right back to working on the nest. It's going to be really exciting watching them.


simon said...

these are very good photos. I spent a few weeks in England bird watching but sadly could not get photos like these...

kirstallcreatures said...

How exciting, what a great opportunity to watch these birds close at hand. Linda

Needsnow said...

I want some!