Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Happy Mothers Day Indeed!

I don't know if she's just taking a look around, or if she is squirting out those eggs at this point. She has a pretty determined look on her face. :-)

Presto! We have Bluebird eggs. She left shortly after laying them. I hurried and took a couple shots before she came back.

I watched them all day 4:15 pm (CDT), Mrs. B laid 3 eggs. And on Mothers Day, how appropriate. Now my bird books says they usually lay 4-5 and one each day until the clutch is complete, but I swear when I looked a 1/2 hr. before, there were none in that nest. She must have been tired of carrying those eggs around. Incubation takes about 12-14 days and fledging 15-18 days. They are one of the few birds that will let you handle the nest and babies and still come back to the nest. How cool is that!!

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Needsnow said...

Yeah....awesome, awesome, awesome!