Saturday, January 9, 2010

A whole lot of snow!

This is about the half way point of my daily commute to work and back. I took a couple of shots to show how deep they have piled up the all this snow we've been getting. It's hard to tell from the photo's, but it's got to be at a minimum, 10-12 ft. high if not more. I hear that there will be another storm before the middle of February, just as bad or worse than these last 3, that's what the local farmers are saying anyway. Oh boy, can't wait. Time to buy some snowshoes, or a sled dog team. Wouldn't that be a fun way to go to work everyday.

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Picture Imperfect said...

Holy moly - that is alot of snow. We never get that much here, I kind of wish we would so I would stop whining when we get about a foot. (this weekend.) lol

Stay safe and warm!