Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Backyard visitor

Normally, when I post "backyard visitor" it's another bird of some sort. Well, this is obviously no bird. It's been around a few times, I just had never seen it up close. It has been cleaning up the seed the birds scatter all over the ground. I got a little to close and it started showing it's teeth, I beat a hasty retreat into the house. Not quite sure how fast these little buggers can go and I didn't want to find out. :0)
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simon said...

is it s ferret?

A Scattering said...

A few years ago a possum visited our feeder area at night during the winter and it would also eat what the birds had spilled. I was alerted to it by my cat fussing on the window sill as it looked out into the dark. At first I thought the interloper was another cat until I saw the snout. You take great shots, I'll be back!

christyzee said...

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