Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wildlife Galore

Took a drive to Crystal Springs in Fairbury. We saw a lot of different birds and wildlife while there and along the way.

On the way we saw a coyote running across the field. I didn't notice until I got home and was looking at the pictures that there is also a Kildeer in the field.

Larry spotted this owl in the trees on our way back home. I don't know how he was able to see it. It blended in really well with the trees. I couldn't get too close so the picture is really bad quality but I had to post it anyway. It's the first owl I've ever seen in the wild. We're pretty sure this is a Eastern Screech Owl.

Three whitetale deer running across the road.

This goose was trying to attach the truck while we were stopped in the park. Very aggresive!

Looks like "wifey" mallard is chewing out "hubby" mallard and like some males, he's not listening. ;0)

Lesser Yellowlegs. I was really suprised to see this bird here. I thought they were more in the central part of the state. My book does show that they migrate through then entire state of Nebraska.

Just your typical Canadian goose.

A Great Blue Heron. I spotted two of them today at the same park.

We couldn't figure out what these were when we drove into the park. There were a bunch of them just standing on some tree stumps sticking out of the water. I got out to walk closer and of course they started to take off. We looked in the bird book when we got home and found that these are called Double-Crested Cormorant. They stand on the stumps facing the sun with their wings spread to dry out. They migrate through this part of the state.

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Needsnow said...

Wow - what a trip! I especially like the OWL!!!!