Friday, March 13, 2009

Duck, Duck, Goose--Desoto Wildlife Refuge

These are mallards, male and female.

A mixtue of ducks and geese.

Take off---the ones with the white faces are Greater White-Fronted Geese. The ones with the black heads are Canadian Geese.

From what I could find in my bird book, these appear to be Green-Winged Teal ducks.

This was the best Eagle shot I could get today.

Isn't he cute?? This black squirrel was our greeter at Linda's house.

HA! gotcha back. I knew you were up to something back there. Nice picture of our butts!!!!

Went to Desoto Wildlife Refuge in Iowa today with Kris and her friend Linda. What a wonderful day we had today. They have a really neat museum there that tells about the Steamboat Bertrand that sank in 1865. It is full of artifacts that were recovered from the boat.

We were on the hunt for Bald Eagles and saw some but they were way up high and out of range for any decent shots. We did, however, see tons of ducks and geese.

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