Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Minnesota Vacation--Day 5-10

Well, as you can see there are no pictures after day 4. I had some but my memory card had a malfunction and I lost over 120 photos. I am really bummed!!!

Day 5--we rode into Canada. They let us through with just a photo ID but informed us that next year you will need a passport. We went into Thunder Bay, found the Harley dealer, ate some pizza and went back across the border.

Gas was $1.42---a litre that is over $5.00 per gallon and 90 kilometers is equal to 55 mph. Luckily we asked about the speed limit before getting too far down the road.

Day 6--we packed and started the journey back for home. We got as far as the Twin Cities and stayed across the street from the Mall of America. We went over to check it out. It is really huge and looks like it would be a blast for the kids. Myself, not too impressed with it. If I had been in a shopping mood it might have been different but there is just too much.

Day 7--on the road again. Things were going just fine and we had an estimated time of arrival home to be around 7:00-7:30 pm. We didn't get there until 9:30!!!! Have you ever been caught in a hail storm while riding your motorcycle??? It hurts really bad!! I have bruises still on my leg. We got caught up in the storm that went through Omaha and Council Bluffs that Thursday.

We were just outside of Council Bluffs I'd say around 4-4:30. We had just fueled the bike and ourselves and headed down the road when it started to rain. Larry had just made some smart remark about hail when it let loose on us. We were lucky enough to see an abandoned gas station off of an exit where some others were heading and that's where we high tailed it to.

I think we ended up stopping at least 2-3 more times along the way before we finally made it home. It took us over 5 hrs. to go what should have only been 2 at the most. That was the worst day of our trip. The rest of the week and weekend we just piddled around the house then back to work on Monday.

And that is the end of our Minnesota vacation. Hope you like the pictures. I have a lot more than what is posted and will send to friends and family when I get a chance.

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