Sunday, June 8, 2008

Steele City--Bike Show

Once again we headed south this weekend for the annual Steele City ride in bike show. They had a really good crowd this year and raised some money for the community.

Of course, there are always some colorful characters there. ;0) It was a great day. Everyone had a great time and we beat the rain home. All was good.

This is Doo-Da. I have no clue what her real name is. Her dog rides with her in the box.

This is Taz. He is quite the character.

Sheri, Jim, Toad, Nose and Larry. There are a few of us that don't have nick-names.

Tom sporting his wife's hat. Looks good Tom!!

This little girl had the honor of drawing the winning ticket for the motorcycle they gave away. Unfortunately, it wasn't mine.

Some old bikes...

some new bikes.

More newer bikes.

Cool graphics.

We had one winner from our motley crew. Richard won first place in the sports bike division. Way to go Richard!!

This one is from Switzerland.

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