Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This is OREO!  A neighbor's pet that they couldn't/wouldn't take care of anymore so they just let it loose.  People just don't understand that a tame/domesticated rabbit does not have the same survival instincts that wild ones do.  
I think I have found the perfect home for it (we don't know if it's a he or she yet) with my step-sister and her family in Wisconsin.  Their rabbit hutch is now rabbit-less and they would love for Oreo to come live with them.  So, I may be making a road trip in the near future.

Oreo is a very nice rabbit and as you can see from the pictures is already litter box trained (bonus!) Oreo also doesn't mind my 4 cats.  I think Miu (bottom right) was hanging out with Oreo while on the loose.  Oreo however does not like barking dogs. 

Such a cutie!  I will miss Oreo if he/she leaves.  Doesn't take long to get attached. 

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