Sunday, January 15, 2012


 This is from inside the old farm house.  There were so many layers and textures inside from the plaster falling off the walls.

 This one we believe to be an old school house.  It had the old tin ceiling, too bad they were left to rust away.

 This old couch was in the school house.  Odd place for a couch, maybe it was used as a house later on.

These old fans were laying around on the place where the farm house was.  What we found underneath was an old cast iron, claw foot bathtub.  Such a waste to have all that good stuff out in the elements like that.

While my husband and I were out road trippin' one afternoon we came upon a couple of old buildings.  I bravely and carefully went inside.  One his from the inside of an old farm house and the other we think was a school house.  

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