Sunday, July 19, 2009

Final Days--Bluebird watch day #15 and #16

Day #15..still in the nest. A little more movement when I approach the nest box. I think they are about to fledge soon.

There really are two. Finally got them both in one shot.

Look at those beautiful blue feathers.

Day #16..They've gone. I was so sad when I walked up to the nest box and seen they had left. I was really hoping to see them leave the nest. Maybe next time.

Sorry for getting these posted up so late. I've been really busy that last week and quite frankly a little depressed that the blue birds have flown the coop. I didn't even get to see them leave the nest box. "Empty Nest" syndrome I guess. ;0). I've read that the adults will take them to wherever they have been finding food and may return a couple weeks after fledging to the nest box. If this is the first brood of the season, the female will possibly make another nest in the same box or, she may have made one elsewhere before the first brood fledged. Supposedly the first brood will then help raise the second brood. I hope they come back, I have a nest box and meal worms ready and waiting for them.

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