Saturday, April 11, 2009

American White Pelican's

I had Friday off and the kids were out of school so Cody came with me to find the Pelican's. I heard they were over in Fairbury at Crystal Springs and sure enough, they were there. Tons of them. They are reallly fun to watch. If you get a chance, get over there before they are gone. They don't stay in Nebraska, just migrating through.
The American White Pelican can stand 62" and has up to a 9-foot wingspan. Breeding adult has a bright orange bill and legs. An adult that is feeding chicks has a gray-black crown. Breeding adults usually also grow a fibrous plate in the middle of the upper mandible. This plated drops off after eggs have been hatched. They fly in a large V, often gliding with long wings, then all flapping together.

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