Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a Day!!!

It was their lucky day today too...the eagle was checking out which one was going to be it's dinner. Good thing for them we pulled up when we did.

Old eagle eye Larry--my spotter. To be honest, if he hadn't gone with me I probably wouldn't have seen any of them. I make a lousy bird spotter. Thanks for tagging along dear.

Checking out what's for dinner.
Almost went for it then I think it heard us drive up. It sat back up on the branch and flew off shortly afterwards.

What an exciting day today!!!! Larry and I went Eagle hunting this weekend. We saw them Sat. but did not get very good shots. Today (Sun.) we spotted them again. The sky was over cast so I had terrible light to work with but was able to get some okay bird in flight shots.

The ones without the distinct white head and tail are the juveniles. We had just gotten on the walking path and the sprang from the trees. There were two juveniles. I only managed to get one as it flew off.

We walked a ways on down the path thinking we might spot the adults but no luck. Back to the truck and off we went in the direction that the juvies took of in. We spotted them again on down the river but they were too far out and no road leading up closer.

We decided to try the other side of town where the river also passes through. We were just about to give up and go home when Larry spotted an adult sitting in the trees watching a bunch of geese. Must have been goose on the menu ;0). I thought Larry was going to jump out of his skin with excitement! He was on the side of the bird and practically ripped my camera from my hands. Lucky he has any hands left as I very seldom let anyone else touch my camera! Anyway, he did a pretty good job for not knowing how to run the camera. The ones of the adults were all taken by Larry. Good job dear.

We also spotted some Cedar Waxwings in the crab apple trees at the Veterans Memorial in town. That was just as exciting. I've read that they winter here but have not ever seen one. They are really a neat looking bird. I will be going back to see if I can spot them again.

All in all despite the freezing cold and snow we had a great day for spotting birds. I think even Larry might have enjoyed himself. He got quite a rush when he spotted those eagles. We were out there for 3 hrs. tracking them down. I couldn't get him to go home. ;0)

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Needsnow said...

WOW!!! What a great day. Sounds like Larry even had a great time. The waxwing picture in the berry tree is wonderful!!!