Sunday, January 11, 2009

Female Cardinals

You'll have to excuse the dirty glass. I shot these through the patio doors.

The birds are getting a little braver. They are starting to come up on the back deck now. Here are some of the female cardinal's.

I hadn't seen them for a few days and was concerned that they had been scared away because of the hawk that had been hanging around.

We had a small hawk of some kind in the yard going after the Junco's. One day when we came home it was in the grass chomping on something. When we pulled up it took the small bird and finished it off up in the trees. Poor little birdie. I found a pile of feathers where it had been in the grass.

Now they are back and I haven't seen the hawk since that day so maybe it is hunting somewhere else. Although, it would be really cool to get a picture of that bird.

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